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Make Your Dog Healthy and Happy!


Opetka Raw is delivered frozen and in 5 pound tubes. Always free delivery
to Chicago and surrounding Chicagoland communities.

Great Price, Great Product

  • 10 lbs. Raw Beef Dog Food – $4.00 per pound
    $40.00 minimum order
  • 20 lbs. Raw Beef Dog Food – $3.75 per pound
    $75.00 – You save $5.00
  • 30 lbs. Raw Beef Dog Food – $3.50 per pound
    $105.00 – Best value, save $15.00


FREE Chicagoland Home Delivery!

A team associate will personally deliver your order quickly and at your convenience. Hover over our map for a better view of our service area.

Please use the search form at the bottom of this page
to see if we deliver in your zip code.

If you are outside our delivery radius, please let us know
as we may still be able to accommodate a special delivery request.


We’re so confident that your dog will love Opetka Raw, we guarantee it!

Evaluate our product for yourself. If our food is not everything we’ve said, we will give you a full refund on any unused portion of our product.

This is 100% Risk Free Guarantee. Click here to order now!

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